The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Hungarian state should pay compensation to a Hungarian mother over the abduction of her son, according to the ruling announced in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

The ruling concerns the case of Edina Tóth whose husband in 2004 abducted their two-year-old son and stayed with him at an unknown place for ten years.

The child was recovered in 2014, the year when the then ex-husband was detained by police.

According to the court the applicant claimed that the Hungarian authorities had failed to execute the judicial decision establishing the placement of her child with her and thus also failed to ensure the swift return of her child after his father had taken him without her consent.

The court obliged the Hungarian state to pay 12,500 euros in damage and 3,800 euros in legal fees to the applicant.

The ruling can be appealed.

Source: MTI

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