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Explore ancient lives: the Mummy Collection in Budapest

Explore ancient lives: the Mummy Collection in Budapest

In case you have always been interested in ancient Mummy’s preparation, former lives and characteristics of their era, you should definitely visit the exclusive Mummy exhibition opening in Budapest this August, Szeretlekmagyarorszá reports.

Mummies of the World: The Exhibition has been put together by well-known scientists, anthropologists, doctors and archaeologists in the United States. It is advertised as the world’s most magnificent mummy exhibition containing mummified bodies and artefacts obtained from various sources: universities, scientific organisations and private collections, just to name a few. It is great news that this unique collection is coming to Hungary: we would encourage everyone to go and visit if you missed the similar exhibition a few years ago.

As Dániel Bátyi, CEO of JVS Group Hungary Kft – organiser of the successful and monumental Titanic and BODY Exhibitions – says,

It is an honour that Hungarian visitors can take an insight at this unique collection among the firsts in Europe.

Rooms are designed thematically: visitors can feel as if they were companions throughout the mummies’ lives and era. Visitors can discover how everyday people lived in showcased ancient civilisations: how life was in ancient Egypt, the history of the Incas and their fantastic empire or even features of Germany in the Middle Ages.

The exhibition is unique in the sense that it features distinctive attributes of these eras and unveils the secrets of many different civilizations at the same time.

Visitors can explore in what sacred ways bodies were mummified and how these particular rituals were secretly conducted.

Mummies of the World Exhibition


„I am positive that the exhibition will offer a gripping adventure for all ages. These mummies uncover a lot of the era in which they were living – with their help; we can get a grasp at how they dressed, what they ate and what kind of illnesses affected their health.” – says Dániel Bátyi.

One of the most interesting stories at the exhibition is that of Baron von Holz, a craftsman who died during the thirty years war. Another sneak peek is the story of the world-widely recognised mummies from Vác, as well as the mummified animals from Egypt.

The truly fascinating exhibition opens on 16 August 2018 and mummies await their visitors until the end of this year.


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