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Tram, bus, trolley, the underground – these are the most common means of transport in almost every city. They play an important part in making the city vivid and in transferring passengers and tourists from one point to another. Budapest’s transportation system is used by millions of people almost every day. Some vehicles, though, are a bit out of the ordinary and worth travelling with. Let us find out more about these hidden transportation treasures in the Hungarian capital.

Explore Budapest’s hidden and special vehicles! – Part 1

Chairlift in Zugliget

The Zugliget chairlift, also known as the Budapest chairlift, was built in 1969 and it connects Zugliget to János Hill (District XII). The full length of this chairlift is 1040 metres, while the ground level difference is 262 metres. The trip only takes 12 minutes. The idea of building a chairlift in the capital was originally born in 1930, but due to World War II, the construction project had to be postponed.

The chairlift in Zugliget became so popular among residents that new projects and investments were born; for example, extending its route with an additional 700 metres. It was also a possibility for a while that another chairlift would be built to reach Gellért Hill and the Citadella, but unfortunately, none of these projects are a matter of discussion anymore.

The chairlift operates every day of the year from 10 am to 7 pm. To reach the higher station of the chairlift, you only have to complete a 30-minute walk from the 21A bus station, next to Normafa. The upper station of the line is on János Hill, just next to the Elisabeth lookout tower. A good program for children might be the children’s train.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Hu Totya

Public transport boat lines

Bored of travelling on the ground or beneath it? Then Budapest’s four boat lines are waiting for you! The capital offers special boat trips which also serve as public transportation vehicles, but a single ticket is more expensive; 750 HUF (2 EUR). These boat lines are D2, D11, D12, and D14.

Six of the best routes for boat trips in Hungary

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Globetrotter19

Little sightseeing tour

This special route has been operating since 2015 in City Park. This red and white  Soviet-made little minibus consists of three cars and takes people around City Park in 25 minutes, showing its most famous features and sights. On this vehicle, the regular BKK tickets and passes are not valid. From this trip, tourists can get a closer look at the park and Heroes’ Square.

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Photo: www.facebook.com/bkvzrt1

Transport heritage bus

These Ikarus 180s were the first bus prototypes made in Hungary. The vehicle was presented at the 1961 International Fair in Budapest, and it transports overall 416 passengers every day on the roads. These Hungarian-made buses were even exported to the Soviet Union, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Iraq and Tunisia and were a major part of the transportation system of Budapest until January of 1980.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Christo

Snow White vintage boat

The Snow White vintage boat was built in 1895, at the Schoenichen-Hartmann Shipyard in Újpest. The motorised boat was originally christened Margitsziget. Once acquired by MFTRT, it was transformed into a Screw-Propeller Steamer No. XXXI. The first reconstruction took place in 1920. Others followed in 1957-58 and 1977 as well, but over time, it had undergone many minor developments: most recently in 2003 when it received a new, modern engine. The vessel had several small companions and a sister boat as well, but over time, these had been scrapped. The name Snow White was given during the reconstruction period between 1957 and 1958, and the boat still proudly bears this name.

Snow White, transport, Budapest
Photo: www.bkk.hu

Featured image: www.facebook.com/bkkbudapest

Source: Daily News Hungary, www.bkk.hu, www.normafapark.hu

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