The weather is getting colder and the Hungarian landscape is getting more special. This is one more reasons for real adventurers to put on the boots and go on hiking. There are plenty of beautiful places in Hungary which are worth visiting even in the winter. Femcafe collected four locations which would be a mistake to miss.

  1. Velem

Velem is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Hungary, the western part of Vas County, at the foot of Kőszeg Mountains. It is a real haven of peace for those who would like to leave the noises of the city behind and rest a bit. It is worth visiting Írottkő from here, which is the highest point of Transdanubia, and has excellent walkways for the ones choosing more active relaxation.

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  1. Megyer-hegyi tengerszem

One of the most wonderful natural attractions in the surroundings of Sárospatak is the Megyer-hegyi tengerszem. The millstones of ore and grain mills were mined here. The mine pit of before became filled up with water, thus creating a breathtakingly beautiful lake. The tour should begin in Sárospatak, where a natural trail starts off towards “Tengerszem”, and then back to Várkert. Furthermore, if you are here do not miss the Rákóczi Castle, which is one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Hungary.

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  1. Mogyoróhegy

One of the most popular tourist destinations at the Visegrád Mountains. It is ideal for families, because the system of services in the area offer the possibility to spend free time usefully, both for young and old. The natural trip centre awaits visitors with a 20 kilometres long walkway, but you can also try horse riding and archery. The youngest ones can enjoy the nice playgrounds in the forest, while there are ski and sled slopes available for the lovers of winter sports.

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  1. Gemenc

A popular destination among couples and families with younger children. The real magic of this area is given by the harmony of the meetings of forests and waters. The romantic and wild Gemenc forests are best to cross with the forestry railway. The train takes us through a 20 kilometres long road, next to many walk ways and playgrounds, to discover the hidden treasures of nature. Moreover, if we are open-eyed enough we can see deer and boars during our trip.

Gemenc forestry railway / Photo:

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