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Josh Cartu, born on 11th March 1979, is a Canadian businessman, millionaire and luxurious car collector, who lives in Hungary. He used to be a Ferrari racer back in the day. His love for cars – especially for Ferraris – did not fade away when he stopped racing, and he is about to receive Ferrari’s newest and rarest car.

HVG reported that Ferrari put their 458 Italia and 488 GBT typed Ferrari on the market in 2015. As an enthusiastic collector, it is evident that Cartu has both of these Ferrari types. At the beginning of 2018, Ferrari released their newest prototype, the 488 Pista Ferrari, which he bought immediately, and in the summer of the same year Piloti Ferrari 488, which is the little sister of 488 Pista, and even more exclusive.

According to Josh Cartu’s official Instagram profile, he receives his rare Piloti Ferrari 488 this month.

Ferrari, Cartu, red

This type of Ferrari has the same engine as the 488 Pista and has several design features. It is important to emphasise that this kind of strictly limited-edition Ferrari can only be purchased by Ferrari racers. It comes in various types of fantasy colours and is decorated with the Italian flag. Its owner can also decorate this car with a special start number.

This is not the only rare Ferrari Cartu has. He bought a hybrid LaFerrari Aperta for 3 billion Hungarian Forints (9,000,000 Euros) before.

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