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Photo: MTI/Bruzák Noémi

Ruling Fidesz’s deputy group leader said on Friday that contrary to the current government policy of reducing taxes, “Gyurcsány’s lot”, when in government, “taxed Hungarian businesses to oblivion”.

Opposition DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány is currently aiming to become an opposition leader, yet when he was prime minister in 2004-2009 he “destroyed the country and its economy”, László Böröcz told a press conference.

“Gyurcsány’s lot also taxed families to oblivion” and took family benefits away, he said.

“During their time in government, they never represented the interests of the Hungarian economy or Hungarian businesses but mainly favoured foreign multinationals,” he added. The corporate tax was 19 percent during their time instead of 9 percent currently, and they tried to “strip extra skins off” companies by introducing various small taxes, he said.

During the left-liberal government, Hungarian companies suffered greater tax burden worth several hundreds of billions of forints more than at present, Böröcz said.

At the same time, the current Fidesz-Christian Democrats alliance is helping businesses with tax cuts, he said. The current economic protection plan also includes several tax reductions coupled with an increase in development allowances, he added.

An upcoming parliamentary vote on the above will show “who stands on whose side, who represents the interests of the Hungarian people and Hungarian businesses, and who represents something completely different”, Böröcz said.

Source: MTI

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