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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will defend Hungary’s integrity against unjust accusations and will stand up for Hungarians in the European Parliament’s (EP) debate on the Sargentini report this afternoon, Fidesz’s communications chief told a news conference.

Balázs Hidvéghi said the ruling party had asked the prime minister to give voice to the Hungarian people in the EP and declare that Hungarians still want security in their lives and to live as part of a Christian culture.

He said the “EP pro-migration majority” was taking revenge against Hungary because Hungarians had made it clear that they do not accept immigrants. “The Sargentini report is nothing more than a blatant means to enact political revenge,” the Fidesz spokesman said.

“Whenever anti-migration voices are heard in Europe, they are instantly stigmatised and accused of lying in order to silence them,” he said.

Hungary is under fire because “we have stated that we do not want Hungary to be a country of immigration.” He added that Hungary is also under attack because it has demonstrated that migration can be stopped.

He said the “pro-migration elite” in Brussels which is still in power, however, disregards the views of Hungarians. “Judith Sargentini is delivering a political indictment … aided and abetted by her pro-migrant counterparts,” Hidvéghi said.

The EP has only a few months left of its current cycle, and what is most at stake in next year’s EP elections is whether or not the fate of Europe remains in the hands of pro-migration forces, he added.

Commenting on the possibility that Sargentini may not be nominated as a representative of the Greens in the next EP cycle, he said her performance in the EP had sunk to an all-time low and he accused her of being an openly pro-migration politician and an ally of US billionaire George Soros. “We shan’t shed crocodile tears if she is no longer an MEP next year,” the Fidesz politician said.

The Prime Minister even posted a video, however, there is a little confusion as the European Parliament is in Strasbourg, not Brussels…

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Source: MTI

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