Budapest (MTI) – “Pro-migrant forces” are again trying to pressurise Hungary because they want to legalise migration and settle migrants throughout Europe, the ruling Fidesz party said on Saturday.

Fidesz reacted to a demonstration held by civil organisations in Budapest earlier on Saturday in support of Ahmed H., a Syrian man sentenced to 10 years for an act of terrorism and other crimes.

Szimpátiatüntetés a terrorcselekmény miatt elítélt szír f

These organisations regularly attack Hungary, they have attacked the government’s border-protection and counter-terrorism measures, the introduction of stricter immigration rules and the referendum on European Union migrant quotas, the statement said.

Fidesz said it was shocking that they demonstrated to protect a criminal who was in charge of a violent attack against Hungarian police during the riots at the Röszke border crossing.

Szimpátiatüntetés a terrorcselekmény miatt elítélt szír f

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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    This is another attempt from Gyorgy Soros, the old bastard, bent on financing these stupid parades to damage economies and get the GDP up regardless of good or bad to people. These kids know nothing of this evil creeps sick desires for more money and all in his web of delusions and of grandeur. Somebody should hack and empty his back accounts. The world would be a happier place.

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