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According to metropol.hu, Fidesz suspended the party membership of local government representative Roland Gál – faction leader Lajos Kósa told in response to a question at his Lillafüred press conference on Friday.

Kósa said that Roland Gál’s membership has been suspended, and if the court convicts him, it will be finalized, so “they have nothing to do with him”.

Index.hu wrote referring to Castellum.do that a Fidesz representative is one of the suspects of a murder case which was announced by the Tolna county police on Thursday evening.

Roland Gál was the Public Safety Committee’s chairman. Index.hu also wrote that the news had been confirmed by one of the local government representatives.

The police said on Thursday that they investigate because of reasonable suspicion of murder in the case of a man from Dunaföldvár who disappeared more than 2 years ago. The investigation has been launched on January 5, 2016, metropol.hu wrote.

The police added that two suspects had been taken into custody, one of them is Roland Gál, according to Castellum.do.

Local portal duol.hu reported that the police entered a house in Petőfi Street with large forces. The policemen appeared on Wednesday dawn.

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Source: http://www.metropol.hu

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