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Fidesz threatens walkout at committee hearing if LMP co-leader attends

Fidesz threatens walkout at committee hearing if LMP co-leader attends

Ruling Fidesz will walk out of a meeting of parliament’s national security committee focusing on the “Soros Plan” if Bernadett Szél, co-leader of green opposition LMP and a member of the committee, attends the hearing, the Fidesz deputy head of the committee said on Tuesday. 

Szilárd Németh said on Monday that Szél, who is also LMP’s candidate for prime minister, was not welcome at the hearing, arguing that she and her party served the interests of US financier George Soros.

“Bernadett Szél and other LMP politicians support the Soros Plan and do not represent the interests of the Hungarian people,” Németh told news portal

“Szél was employed by the Soros empire, she used to be on its payroll,” he insisted.

“Someone who makes decisions in the interest of the Soros empire, who manages their entire party along those lines and controls all of LMP with the implementation of the Soros Plan in mind cannot be allowed to take part in a national security committee meeting. If she does, we’ll walk out.”

Németh said Szél — whom he called “an associate of Soros’s” — had “no place in a closed-door meeting where classified information is likely to be discussed”.

He said

Soros was plotting to implement his plan in Europe by replacing the government of Viktor Orbán with “his own puppet government” that would also include Szél.

Source: MTI

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