People who are familiar with the science of nutrition know that we consume quite a lot of extra calories through alcoholic beverages. We are here to help you out in case you are struggling between staying in shape and your love for a bottle of great Hungarian wine.

BorászPortál explains that due to its alcohol and residual sugar content, a glass of wine can be responsible for a lot of extra calories.

What’s in a glass of wine anyway?

Wine usually consists of water, alcohol, and the so-called extract, which is residual dry matter content in the wine (such as glycerol, acid, minerals, protein [nitrogen compounds], tannin, vitamins, fragrance, aroma, and colouring). We should also take into consideration the residual sugar content of specific wines. For example, you might think that just because aszú wines usually have less alcohol, these are also less in calories, but these contain more sugar than dry white wines, adding to your final calorie intake.

What about the calories?

If you are looking for the lowest-calorie wines, opt for dry or semi-sweet Riesling, which has about 10% alcohol content. One bottle (750ml) contains about 60g of alcohol and 420 calories. Semi-sweet champagne and semi-dry rieslings usually have a little higher alcohol content (around 11%), resulting in 66g of alcohol and 462 calories per bottle.

In the middle of this chart, you can find fresh, reductive wines such as Szürkebarát, Irsai olivér and Cserszegi fűszeres that usually have around 504 calories per bottle (12% alcohol content, 72g of alcohol per bottle). Interestingly, a few red wine types can be put in the same category, such as Kékfrankos and the famous Egri bikavér with about 546 calories per bottle (13% alcohol, 78g/bottle).

You might have already guessed that heavier red wines, like any Bordeaux type, have the highest number of calories, around 588 calories per bottle (14%, 84g alcohol).

Keep reading your labels and stay in shape 🙂

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