Hungarian police fire dorm
Budapest, 2019. február 1. Terdik Tamás, Budapest rendõrfõkapitánya (b) és Palotás Zsolt Gábor, a Fõvárosi Katasztrófavédelmi Igazgatóság szakmai helyettese a Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem Ráday utcai kollégiumában keletkezett tûzesetrõl tartott sajtótájékoztatón a rendõrség Teve utcai székházában 2019. február 1-jén. A rendõrség szerint szándékos gyújtogatás miatt égett ki a kollégium, amelynek során egy ember életét vesztette. MTI/Balogh Zoltán

It is suspected that a recent fire at a university halls of residence in Budapest’s 9th district, which claimed a life, was arson, the Budapest police chief said on Friday.

The fire that gutted the Károli Gáspár Reformed University dormitory on Jan. 23 was started on purpose, Tamás Terdik told a press conference.

Three young people from Budapest have been interviewed by police on suspicion of endangering the public and they admitted to starting the fire, he added.

Terdik said the suspects expressed remorse. So far they have not been taken into custody, he added.

For that matter, the dormitory of the Danubian Reformed Church District that houses over 130 theology students caught on fire on 23 January. The fire started late in the evening. Thirty fire trucks arrived on the scene, and over 100 firefighters took part in the extinguishing process.

Featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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