A Hungarian dog breeder’s Majorca Mastiff won at the breed’s international dog show in Spain, Sokszínű Vidék reports. The dog show was held in the island of Majorca, Spain, where this particular dog breed originates from. Rió, the Hungarian dog champion was found to be the most beautiful dog in the younger than six months category.

Rió’s owner is Zoltán Kazinczy from Salgótarján, who got his very first Majorca Mastiff more than a decade ago, and he has been in love the breed ever since. He purchased his first Majorca Massif in Hungary, and today he is a quite well-known breeder of this specific dog breed here in Hungary. He and his dogs have been very successful at other dog shows as well, including two world championships.

Zoltán told Sokszínű Vidék that:

The Majorca Mastiff (Ca de Bou in Spanish) is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world, and there are not that many of these dogs out there. A few years ago the breed was close to extinction.

The Spanish dog show was a huge success for the Hungarian breeder. There were 40 dogs altogether who competed with each other in 3 categories. The Hungarian Rió (full name: Ryoko de Almallutx) won in the category for dogs younger than six months. Zoltán posted a few photos from the event on his Facebook page.

Rió was the very first Hungarian dog to win at this event.

However, Rió was not the only winner at the event. Zoltán also received an award for his outstanding work as a breeder who helps maintaining this amazing breed of dogs.

Zoltán is very dedicated to this particular dog breed, and he aims to continue popularizing the Majorca Mastiff here in Hungary. He wants to show people how amazing these dogs really are: they are loyal, protective, brave, alert but tender. Zoltán’s rearing currently has 18 dogs, including female dogs for breeding, show dogs and the family’s older pets.

We are very proud of both Rió and Zoltán! Congratulations!

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