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Potato is a vegetable that plays some role in most countries’ gastronomy. It is usually used as a side dish, but sometimes a delicious main dish can be made with only this vegetable in less than one hour. Hungarian cuisine also uses potatoes frequently for delicious delicacies.

Hungarian potato production to vanish by the middle of the century

Magyarországom collected several recipes where the main ingredient is potatoes. Here are the best five ones.


This meal is a must, especially when you are spending your holiday or free-time at Lake Balaton in the summers.

Cook approximately 15-20 dkg’s of potatoes with their peel on them. After they are cooked smash and mix them with 1 dkg of yeast while adding some salt until you get the perfect dough. After it is ready, make small sized dumplings with some flour. Rest these dumplings for 1.5 hours. The last steps are to roll them out into small roundels and bake them in warm oil. When they are ready, you can put some sour cream, cheese or onions on them.

Lángos, Hungarian, meal
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The first step of making noodles is the same as making lángos. After you got the dough with potatoes, shape it into long rods and cut them up into pieces as long as your forefinger. Cook them in hot water and when they are ready, roll them in breadcrumbs. You can eat noodle with jam, sugar, poppy seed and grits.

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Potato rolls

Roll the potato-dough out on a floured deck until you get it 1 cm wide. Cover it with toasted breadcrumbs and roll the whole dough up. After this step, put the dough into a clean dinner-napkin – or dish towel – and cook them in warm salted water. When they are ready, you can serve them with some onions.

Hungarian, potato, meal
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Cheese rolls

The ingredients are 14 dkg’s flour, 14 dkg’s margarine, 14 dkg’s potatoes (boiled with their peel and smashed), 14 dkg’s cheese and salt. Mix all these ingredients until you get the dough and rest it for one hour. Roll the dough out to as thin as possible and cut up forefinger-sized bars. The final simple step is to bake these bars.

Hungary, meal, potato
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Scoops with peach and plum

Roll the potato-dough out to 4.5 mms wide and cut it up into 8×8 sized little quadrats. Put a whole or half peach or plum on each of these quadrants and some sugar as well. Roll them up into small balls, cook them and cover them with breadcrumbs. Serve them with some sugar. Instead of fruits jam also can be used.

Hungarian, szilvás gombóc, meal
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5+1: Hungarian potato paprikash

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