writes that the taste of sour cream, salty sticks and Túró Rudi are probably something that are soaked in us, Hungarians, genetically. During a longer trip all Hungarians realise that homely flavours can leave an aching void in our lives. But what happens if someone tries Hungarian delicacies for the first time as an adult?

Index’s Brand & Content brings you a video about foreign students trying iconic Hungarian foods for the first time. Have you ever thought that sour cream tastes like the combination of cheese and butter? Or that a French would like the Hungarian Mackósajt (“bear cheese”)? And did you know that salty sticks taste like bacon?

So the video starts with a short introduction saying that the Hungarian cuisine is world-famous due to our famous meals like the goulash soup, lángos or Túró Rudi. Then the students taste bread and dripping with onion and Erős Pista, sour cream, Túró Rudi, Mackósajt, liver paste, salty sticks and spicy sausages.

It seemed like Túró Rudi was the ultimate favourite, which is not surprising at all. Its name sounds the most charming when pronounced by a Chinese student, but it also seemed to be the most divisive: some people loved it, some found it inedible.

Naturally we shouldn’t draw serious conclusions from this funny video, but it’s interesting to see that it kind of strengthens our stereotypes. We tend to see ourselves as food maniacs and our meals as unique, but loveable. Maybe the saying is true: you are what you eat.

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