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Mélykút, 2019. január 28. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédet mond a Bács-Kiskun megyei Mélykúton, a Hunent Víziszárnyas Feldolgozó Zrt. gyáravató ünnepségén 2019. január 28-án. MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

The current period is an era of “opposition and rebellion”, Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsány said on Friday at an event marking the Day of the Republic commemoration.

“Hungarian patriots and democrats, regardless of where they come from, must join forces against the regime of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán,” Gyurcsány said, insisting that Hungary currently “has a single party system, and a republic cannot survive in such a system”.

“Our only task is to overthrow this regime and establish a new, fourth republic,” he said.

At the end of the event held on Kossuth Square near Parliament, Gyurcsány and head of the For a New Republic Foundation István Kolber laid a wreath at the statue of István Bibó.

On Feb. 1, Hungary commemorates the law on the proclamation of the Hungarian Republic in 1946, which has been a day of commemoration since 2006.

According to the Socialist leader, “there is nothing to celebrate on the Day of the Republic, because there is no republic in Hungary today.”

Bertalan Tóth, addressing an event in Budapest’s 13th district, said Hungary was a country headed by a president “not a king”, and that it is written down that “the state is a republic”.

day of republic event
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“Yet there is no republic,” he said, insisting that a system had been established that shunned the basic institutions of the republic. He called on people to fight for a republic.

István Hiller, the (Socialist) deputy speaker, said the Republic proclaimed in 1989 “has not been killed but slowly buried”.

Socialist, DK, and Párbeszéd politicians laid flowers at a stone on the Carl Lutz embankment, commemorating the Republic proclaimed on this day in 1946.

day of republic event
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Ruling Fidesz said in reaction that at Friday’s event, Gyurcsány had once again admitted that “the opposition has signed up together” to US billionaire George Soros’s European parliamentary election list. “Ferenc Gyurcsány has once again made it obvious that the politicians of the opposition will do anything for power,” the party said in a statement. “The left has unscrupulously joined forces with the Nazi and anti-Semitic Jobbik, and together they signed up for the Soros list to turn Hungary into a country of immigrants.”

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  1. I really don’t understand this criminal Gyurcsány. He represented a party MSZ(M)P that had surpressed their own people for decades. Here is a lesson about democracy for Ferenc, but I think he isn’t interested in this. Lack of brains perhaps?
    In Brussels there are people who think that they can use the word democracy with a different meaning. Countries that do not follow are being punished by measures that are often financial in nature. Where in the EU Member States is a transparent and open democracy? Not in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain or the Netherlands. In any case, not in countries where left-wing forces perform their ‘beneficial’ activities. After all they have been elected by ‘the people’ on political party programs that disappear immediately after the elections. It is therefore not surprising that in countries that have been suffering for decades under the dictatorship of Stalin and his friends realize what democracy means: To implement the wish of the majority of their population. In an increasing number of Western European EU member states dissatisfaction is growing and the parties on the right side are growing enormously. In May 2019 we can reap the benefits and if these parties can form one group and cooperate together so forming the majority in Brussels and many citizens will be able to take a breath of fresh air again. Why countries such as Hungary are always punished remains a mystery. The continuous attacks on Fidesz and the punitive words about the ‘hard’ police action means nothing compared to the 50th anniversary of the October 1956 revolution where the police used their weapons to the ‘rebels’ with extreme force. But then the MSZ(M)P was in power and you do not want to attack clown Gyurcsány Ferenc and his friends. No, they prefer to attack Orbán Viktor and they are frustrated that Mr. Orbán keeps his back strong, not only for the Hungarian people, but also for many other people in other countries! The resistance and the use of the right to demonstrate is being picked up by the population in more and more EU countries to express their dissatisfaction in a civilized way. If politicians do not listen and keep on walking on dead-end roads as Merkel now does again (open borders in 2020 and the extension of the right to asylum), then a strange situation arises and the people take the ‘right in their own hands’. Hopefully it will not happen! I still remember the heroes, like Mr. Nagy Imre, Mr. Maléter Pál and many more. Visit the cemeteries in Hungary and you’ll get a picture of these brave people. May they rest in peace.

  2. GYURCSÁNY was a failure. It is time for him to think of the country and its people. He should retire and not seek publicity.


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