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World premiere at the Margaret Island: some of the greatest illusionists to show their talents

World premiere at the Margaret Island: some of the greatest illusionists to show their talents

Magic and miracles will characterize the Open-Air Stage of Margaret Island on August 12-13. A group of internationally acknowledged illusionists will make sure the audience is completely enchanted at the Budapest Summer Festival, writes

An extremely spectacular magic show awaits all the enthusiastic people on the Margaret Island. The programme is, of course, characterised by magic and is built up uniquely. World-famous illusionists, fascinating assistants and a charming compere will be in charge of mesmerizing the audience through breath-taking performances.

It will be the first time that the Magic Night show comes to Hungary in order to guide the people on a journey of magic and thrill. The illusionists include Vincent Vignaud, Europe’s youngest world class illusionist, who easily walks the path between life and death.

Furthermore, David Climent, winner of the 2015 Merlin Prize will also do his best to enchant the audience of the Margaret Island with his performance heightened by his charm, temperament and a spectacular laser show.

Whereas, Christian Farla, who has been an illusionist for more than 3 decades and is a winner of several international awards will take the visitors’ breath away, as he will not only perform as an illusionist but also as an escapologist.

But fear not, aside the incredible foreign talents, one of the most prestigious and internationally known artists of the Hungarian magical community, Dávid Nagy Molnár will also take the stage to entertain the gathered audience.

The world’s best and most sought-after illusionists will take the audience to the land of magic this weekend, and give an experience that is surely extraordinary. You may only need to suspend your disbelief and be willing to let illusion entertain you for a while. Should you need more information, check the official Facebook page of the event.


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