Although the weather is cold and rainy, there are weekends when there is still enough chance for lovely sunny weather and to use it for amazing trips in Hungary. The best places to take these trips are Hungarian national parks with amazing sceneries and beautiful autumn colours. Here are the top four picks!

Duna-Ipoly National Park

Forests next to mountain ranges, rivers, and unique wildlife, this is perfectly enough for a great and exciting trip. The other reasons why this national park is worth visiting is that there are many extremely rare (and almost extinct) animal and plant species in the protected area of the park.

The most special points of the park are Búbánat-valley and the Kerek Lake also located in the valley.

The lake was first mentioned in the Árpád era (895–900) when Hungarians arrived in the area. The Szamár-mountain and Csenke-stream are also mandatory locations to see.

Duna Ipoly National Park, Hungary, nature

Őrségi National Park

This jewellery box of Vas County used to be the guardian of the western region, and probably its name comes from this function (őrség means guardianship). The 44,000-hectare park was founded on March 1, 2002.

This was Hungary’s tenth official national park and alongside with its unique wildlife, the area also gives place to traditional folk culture and historical monuments as well.

By being close to the Alpok mountain range, it has many pine and flower species you cannot see anywhere else. Under the enormous trees it is advisable to take a nice hike in this national park as well.

Őrségi National Park, Hungary, nature

Körös-Maros National Park

This national park is among the earliest official protected areas of Hungary and unique because of its wildlife next to rivers and lakes.

Among its “residents” with some luck, we can observe Europe’s most giant dryland bird and many owl species as well.

Besides its wild waters, the park’s area is also covered with forests which are excellent locations for an autumn trip.

Körös Maros National Park, Hungary, nature
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by László Szalai

Bükk National Park

Taking the mountain range’s average hight into consideration, the Bükk is the highest one in the country. Its rocks, forests, and valleys are unique romantic places during autumn which you definitely should not miss.

Besides its natural wonders, the park offers for the lovers of history the ruins of castles and monasteries as well.

Bükk National Park, Hungary, nature

Hungary’s most beautiful natural wonders: Cuha stream – Photos

The Cuha stream is one of the most beautiful and one of the most popular natural sights in Hungary. The region where it is located is famous among Hungarian and foreign tourists and perfect to take a nice trip while enjoying nature.


Source: Daily News Hungary

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