According to, another two people have been caught in the case of the attack in the Balassa Bálint Street, so all four people, who beat an Uber driver on Friday night, have been arrested.

As reported earlier, an Uber driver was seriously abused in the 18th district, Budapest on Friday night. There were also taxi drivers among the perpetrators. Uber was ordered to a 18th district pub, and when the car arrived, several men attacked the car and insulted the driver and Uber. They kicked off the rear-view mirror and, when the driver got out, they started to abuse him. The police caught one of the attackers on the scene, and they also got another one after identifying.

The 18th District Police Department of the Budapest Police Headquarters said on Monday: the police investigation takes place against 35-year-old Ákos Cs., 28-year-old Sándor B. – both of them are Budapest residents –  and 19-year-old Ráckeve resident Arpad H. on reasonable suspicion of vandalism committed in groups. They also investigate against the 33-year-old Budapest resident Valter J. on reasonable suspicion of vandalism and mayhem, reported.

The 18th district police caught Ákos Cs. near the site within a few minutes, while Valter J. has been arrested at home. The policemen identified the two other men, and they took Sándor B. and Ápád H. into custody after they had been interrogated. Further proceedings will be conducted by the 18th district Police Headquarters, and pre-trial detention has been ordered.


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