The newest large paper map made by Centre for Budapest Transport shows both the current public transport network and the night public transport, reports travelo.

The new edition includes all of the metro, suburban railway, tram, trolleybus and bus lines as well as the Funicular, the Chairlift and the public transport boat services, which are important for the tourists.

It was also mentioned that the users of the map can get to know the downtown areas in a much more detailed resolution, and a separate surface was given to the public transport working during the night. The 23,000 copies of the map can be taken from the BKK Customer Service Centres. The terminals and the frequency of service can be seen on the back of the map.

The size of the map is 66×91 when opened and 11×22 centimetres when folded. The announcement also highlighted the online maps. The nearly 30 kinds of maps include the public transport networks of the different parts of the city, the railway lines and the lines operating during the night, as well as the MOL Bubi docking stations, P+R car parks and recommended parking areas for tour buses. The trip-planner and the possibilities given by the subapp BKK Futár were also highlighted.


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