HVG.hu reports that Tuesday brought the coldest and lowest temperature ever recorded on a May 17, in Hungary. But, according to the forecast of the National Weather Service of Hungary (OMSZ) also shared by index.hu, we may easily find ourselves sunbathing and eating an ice-cream at the weekend.

Tuesday dawn people living in one of the coldest areas of the country, Zabar, located in Nógrád County, experienced the coldest weather of a May-day, as the temperature fell to -1.2°C. Until this time the lowest temperature ever recorded on May 17 was -1°C in Fügöd, Tolna County, in 1973.

However, the weather keeps being varied this week: Index writes that the temperatures during daytime are rising gradually for the weekend, when 26-27°C is expected. But before, even on Thursday, we shall prepare for 19-23°C and the sudden changes between cloudiness and sunshine, while mainly people living in Transdanubia (Dunántúl) are advised to take an umbrella with themselves when going out, for showers may occur.

MET.hu shares the forecast of the NWS, which shows that on Friday the weather will also be characterised by clouds and sunshine, scattered showers and thunderstorm in some places. From west and north-west brisk winds are predicted. The temperature will be around 20-25°C.

Whereas we may welcome summer at the weekend, as the temperature will rise to 22-27°C. Sunny spells will dominate on Saturday, only a few clouds and showers are expected. Winds will be moderate, a temperature of 22-26°C is predicted for daytime. Sunday will be the hottest day of the week with sunny spells and a temperature of 23-27°C. Showers are unlikely until the evening, but the southern wind will freshen.

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Source: hvg.hu, index.hu, met.hu

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