Would you fancy sipping on some beer while soaking in the pool, or would you rather sit into a tub of beer? Do you desire a breath-taking panorama? Are you bored of traditional massages? Don’t worry, travelo.hu has you covered with some fun ideas!

The time you spend in thermal baths is beneficial for both your body and soul. But it’s sometimes good to change your routine, try out something new or spice up your spa experience. Get ready for some ideas concerning different ways you can vary the time you spend relaxing or soaking your aching limbs.

Bathing with a breath-taking view

If confinement weighs you down or you’re bored of staring at the walls of the spa, then choose outdoor pools. Yes, you could do that even in autumn! The selection is quite diverse but an amazing panorama is always an exceptional experience. Listed below are some thermal baths with views to die for.

Rudas Bath and the roof-top Jacuzzi

The Rudas Bath, found at Elizabeth Bridge’s Buda bridgehead, is probably the most obvious choice when it comes to bathing with a breath-taking view. The panorama to the Danube, the bridges and the Pest side, is simply phenomenal, especially at night-time. The roof-top Jacuzzi is probably the most popular service in the historic bath.


Visegrád, Hotel Silvanus

We’re still on the coast of Danube, just a bit up north. Hotel Silvanus has a special pool in its wellness section, which provides a beautiful view of the Danube Bend. Moreover, the pool is located in a green zone with Mediterranean flowers and a small water-spout in the middle. This pool is closed in the winter and the most of autumn, but, luckily, the indoor pools of Silvanus offer the same view.


Gyopárosfürdő and the mystical view

Visiting the Gyopáros Thermal Bath, which was recently declared an official health resort, is not bad in the summer, but the cool autumn and winter nights offer you the real experience. The water of the outdoor pool, the steaming and the mystical appearance of the trees and the iconic tower of Gyópárosfürdő in the background, make you feel like you’re on a mystery island. And you can even enjoy this special way of relaxation during the nights of every Saturday.


BeerSpa: time for a little debauch

Drinking small amounts of high-quality alcohol actually helps you relax. However, some drinks don’t only soothe the nerves, but also the skin and rheumatic pain when used externally. This was the idea behind BeerSpa: the hop is not only the main ingredient of one of the most popular beverages, but it is also a versatile plant. It relaxes, soothes and sterilizes.


The BeerSpa can be found on the lower level of Széchenyi Bath and you need a valid entry plus a separate ticket to use it (it costs 7625 forints for one person and 12200 forints for two people). You can choose from six tubs that can all fit two people, meaning that it is not only perfect for relaxation, but also for special dates or memorable pow-wows. Sipping on freshly tapped beer in the damp light of the hop-flower lamp while enjoying the positive effects of thermal water and Jacuzzi sounds absolutely great.

Intoxicating massages

Using alcoholic drinks, especially short drinks, for massages is an extraordinary method, but there’s definitely something to it. Spreading alcohol on the skin has a stimulating, vitalising, corroborative and congestion-enhancing effect. Naturally it’s important to choose the right ingredient and the right way of application.

Travelo.hu highlighted two of these special massages: one in Wellness Hotel Gyula and one in the Thermal Bath of Gyopárosfürdő. You can enjoy a massage with unicum and pálinka in Gyula, while you can try out the plum pálinka massage with a birch mask and a red wine & cinnamon treatment in Gyopárosfürdő. These sound absolutely enticing, don’t they? 🙂

Photos: www.rudasfurdo.hu, www.gyoparosfurdo-oroshaza.hu, www.facebook.com/HotelSilvanusVisegrád, ThermalBeerSpa

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