A few years ago blikk.hu collected some of the weirdest and funniest Hungarian town names. We were inspired to look for some more and collected the ones that could be translated into English and still sound funny. Enjoy!

Lánycsók (Girl kiss)

The place can be found near Mohács. There are some legends connected to the name of the village. According to the most frequently told one there once lived three sisters who inherited the region. They either had an argument about their inheritance or one sister mocked the other one, so they didn’t talk for a long time. In the end they made up with each other and kissed each other there.

Baj (Trouble)

Baj lies near Tata, at the bottom of the Gerecse Mountains. The origin of its name is not that funny but still interesting. It comes from the Old Turkish ‘baj’ common noun that means abundant, wealthy.

Bugyi (Panty)

You can imagine the laughter when someone hears the name of this place for the first time. It can be found in Pest County and its name originates from the Slavic personal name ‘Budiszláv’, ‘Budivoj’ and its short form ‘Bud’. It was first mentioned in 1320 as ‘Budymatheusfelde’, the land of Máté Bugyi.


Beled (Your bowel)

This town can be found in Győr-Moson-Sopron County and it got its weird name after its medieval owners after the name ‘Belud’ which was a common name in the Osl nationality.

Pornóapáti (Pornapáti)

The village lies 16 kilometres from Szombathely, near the Austrian border, not far from the Pornó watercourse. In the name of the town ‘Pornó’ (Porn) comes from a German settler and ‘apáti’ refers to the famous abbey (apátság in Hungarian).

Heréd (Your testicle)

It can be found in Heves County; its name was first mentioned in 1281 as Hereyd. The most notable owners of the village were the Podmaniczky barons. Its inhabitants are Palóc people who guard their traditions in their clothing, language and habits.

Béb (Babe)

This place is one of Veszprém County’s prides which was ruled by the Béby and Cseszneky family in the middle ages. Saying that you are from Béb sounds very funny in Hungarian, because you are essentially saying that you are a babe (bébi).

Köröm (Nail)

It can be found in a very beautiful environment, 16 km from Miskolc. Something interesting is that the diet of Ónod was held on a field near Köröm during the Rákóczi war of independence. You can visit a memorial park there nowadays.

Rum (Rum)

The name of the place has no connection with alcohol; its origin is less funny and exciting. Rum comes from the German Ruhm name or the Rummy family name. If you happen to be close to Rum, don’t miss the Széchenyi Castle which is breathtakingly beautiful.

Sikátor (Alley)

Sikátor is 35 km away from Győr and its name was first mentioned in the 14th century as Sykator which means a narrow street, path between the grapevines, in Latin. Viniculture and agriculture used to flourish in the region but it is barely populated today.

Szalonna (Bacon)

It is 50 km away from Miskolc, not too far from Aggtelek-Jósvafő that is part of the World Heritage. You would be thinking that it got its name after the food, but it actually got its name after a salt water spring, because ‘slana’ means salty.

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Tyukod (Your hen)

Tyukod is not far away from Mátészalka and it has been mentioned as Tenykod, Tenykowd, Egyedkuttya, Eketyukod in former times. There are a few legends about the origin of the name, some say that it comes from Tyukodi nationality, some say that it comes from the word ‘tyúk’ (hen).

Vatta (Cotton wool)

This place can be found in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County and got its name after a pagan chief, Vata, who lived in the 11th century. It used to be Upper and Lower Vatta in the 15th century, but then the two villages coalesced. Former president, Bertalan Szemere was born there.

Some more: Kék (Blue), Mérges (Angry), Sár (Mud), Galambok (Doves), Nagyfenék (Big Bootie), Rém (Phantom), Ajak (Lip), Harc (Fight), Levél (Leaf) and the list goes on …

Photo: Ajak – www.facebook.com/ajakfoto

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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