Open Society Foundations, funded by US billionaire George Soros, is closing its Budapest office and plans to open a new office in Berlin this summer, the Austrian Press Agency (APA) said on Thursday citing a report by Austrian daily Die Presse.

Die Presse said that OSF President Patrick Gaspard had announced the decision in Budapest.

OSF, which also has an office in Vienna, declined to give a reason for the decision.

APA said Soros apparently yields to the pressure of Hungary’s Orbán government which has been campaigning against him.

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Source: MTI

  1. Orban was campaigning against him ?! Soros ?! Give me a flippin break… Fake news! LOL!
    Numb nuts won’t fair any better in Berlin, watch!

  2. He could have done so much more for Hungary and Hungarians, too bad his agenda was more concerned with destroying the country.

  3. Dear Hungarian Friends,

    There are 3 good Reasons that I can think of that call for the Revival of the Magyar Garda…in this Case under the Captaincy of Laszlo Toroczkai.

    Long Term, & the “Big 1”, then…would be the Acqusition, on the Outskirts of every Town in Hungary, of 64 Hectares of cultivated Land…the Details of which will be presented soon in my regular Newsletter.

    The 2nd Reason…also to be outlined in the near Future, would be a Tesla-class, Dinner-Party Protocol…to be called, “A Table for 10″…featuring a 3m x 1m, plank, Dining Table, which, in the 2nd Half of the Event, would resonate with a Tone Generator, in the following Manner…

    The most-immediate Need for the “New Magyar Garda”, however, would be to provide the volunteer Muscle on June 1, to emptying ther entire Contents of the Civil-War Machine located on Nador u. 9-11, in a single Day.

    It appears that the Moving Outfit,”AGS” will oversee the Operation…moving Everything into Cargo Containers, transporting these Cantainers to the Rail Station on Europa u….& from there to downtown Sarajevo…their natural Home.

    Now the “Old Magyar Garda” as far as I know, did not have a “female Contingent”…but…as the Saying goes, “Many Hands make light Work”…& as many Books in the Library will have to be boxed…& as Someone is going to have to make Lunch…40 or 50 Gals joining the Effort would be a huge Help.

    While I have never been inside Nador u. 9, I have seen Pics of the Tables & Chairs in the Cafeteria, which look to me like some really “Cheap Shit”.

    The Signature Tables at “Central European Univision”…for the News Presenter…for the “Table-for-10 Buffet”…for the Cafeteria & the Library should all be 3m x 1m plank Tables made by Laszlo Szikszai at “Sixay Furniture”…& I would call on Prime Minister Orban to have Laszlo start putting together 20 such Tables in Time for June 1.

    David Yuhas
    Boulder, Colorado

    (You are welcome to publish my Email Address) DY

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