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A CDU politician said Hungary needs to decide whether they want to stay in or leave the European Union.

In an interview, Johann Wadephul from Germany’s ruling CDU party told German television network ZDF that Hungary needs to decide whether it wants to be a committed member of the European Union and contribute to its success. He claimed that Hungary is only reaping the financial benefits of being a member without fulfilling membership obligations.

As reported by, this outburst from Wadephul came after Orbán’s government blocked the EU’s public condemnation of Turkey’s attack of the Kurds in Syria.

Wadephul claims that Hungary has to make its position clear within the EU; whether that is it being a constructive collaborating member or whether that is leaving the organisation all together.  

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó admitted that they vetoed the EU’s public communication. After a series of negotiations, the Hungarian government only let it pass once the situation in the region worsened.

In the statement issued on last Wednesday, the EU called Turkey to halt its military operation as it would lead to civilian deaths and another wave of refugee migration.

According to Szijjártó, it is in the Hungarian interest to solve the migration question in Syria’s direction rather Europe’s. With regards to the Turkish offensive, they want to avoid a migratory wave – which could number up to a million – heading to Southern Hungary’s border.

The Hungarian parliament has started its autumn session this week. We also reported that former prime minister Gyurcsány has called fellow DK politicans to fight against corruption.

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