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The new Leopard 2A4 type tanks are going to serve as a part of the Hungarian military’s armoured division, and they have already started to be assembled in Munich.

According to the relevant announcement of the Hungarian authorities, Hungary will get 12 of the renewed tanks, and they will help the preparation of the military for the arrival of the brand new Leopard 2A7HU tanks, Portfolio reported.

The tanks are renewed by the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) company in Munich, and they finished the first Leopard 2A4 tank on February 28. During the process called “integration”, they put a rotatable tower with a

120 mm cannon on the frame of the tank.

According to the plans, the 12 renewed tanks will be delivered this year to the base of the Hungarian military in Tata. They will serve as teaching tools in the retraining process of soldiers during which they will learn more about the specifics of the type. This is important because the maintenance and usage of these tanks differ a lot from the Soviet T-72 tanks the Hungarian military has been using since 1978.

The Hungarian Ministry of Defence bought

44 brand new and modern Leopard 2A7HU type tanks

from KMW in December 2018. These will start arriving from 2023 on so that the Hungarian military has enough time to prepare for them with the renewed tanks. Furthermore, Hungary will get armoured technical and transport vehicles along with bridging tanks. Moreover, a complex logistics and training program for Hungarian soldiers is also part of the contract signed in 2018.


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  1. What is this nonsense about an “armored division. ” An armored division usually has hundreds of tanks. Even after the acquisition of the new Leopard’s Hungary will only have 44 modern tanks. That is about 1 battalion.

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