According to a record obtained by Magyar Nemzet, the leader of the Roma self-government ORÖ wanted to get proforma invoices referring to never happened campaign events. In fact, the self-government had many scandals regarding its public money spending. The previous leader, Florian Farkas, now commissioner of PM Orbán left a more than 120M HUF (3.83M EUR) unpaid debt, besides their money-stealing projects.

Fake invoices for 3M HUF

According to the record the leader of ÖRO, János Balogh wanted to convince an event organiser from Ibrány to give pro forma invoices of stage or sound reinforcement regarding fictitious events.

‘Of course, we will organize campaign events in several places on paper. On paper. Nobody should organize any of them.’

– he added.

He said that if they can agree, ORÖ will transfer 3.5M HUF (EUR 11,200) on that day. He added that the event organiser should include in his e-mail that ‘negotiated with Mr President.’

Balogh added that he knows many people from Budapest who do similar ‘jobs’ for altogether 10-12% with VAT. In fact, Balogh said that

he should give him back 3M forints (EUR 10,000).

However, the event organiser did not agree. Thus, Balogh raised his profit and said that ‘then you get 600, clean’ (i.e. 600,000 HUF – the ed.) because he is not scrimpy. However, Balogh did not get a straight answer. Thus, he mentioned the EU-elections of 2019. ‘One should think about the future’ – he added.

Balogh wanted to support MP candidate of Fidesz on the election from the money?

Furthermore, Balogh mentions on the tape that he has very good connections towards the Socialist Party. However, regarding the electoral district (Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county 2.) he supports the candidate of Fidesz, Győző Vinnai. He says that this is because there will come 12 bn HUF to Ibrány. However, Magyar Nemzet wrote that this sum is the budget of the city for 12 years. Thus, probably Mr Balogh confused something.

He says on the record that of course, he will support the Fidesz-candidate, but not with forums. According to Magyar Nemzet, he was probably going to use the money of which he thought that he would get proforma invoices of. ‘I need to agitate the people and

I cannot officially give them the money. Do you understand this?’

– he added.

However, the event organiser, Zoltán Tóth rejected the offer who then said that

he will find somebody else to bargain with.

Tóth stated to Magyar Nemzet that he would not give pro forma invoices ever as he did not do so before. He added that he does not normally record the conversations with his business partners. However, he made an exception in this case because he suspected illegality from the beginning.

The editorship of Magyar Nemzet reported the case to the police.

Featured photo: Magyar Nemzet.


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