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Get to know the everyday life of African orphans in the Hungarian city of Kisvárda

Get to know the everyday life of African orphans in the Hungarian city of Kisvárda

The Földkelte Cultural and Environmentalist Association organised a photo exhibition titled “Get to know the world” in the Conference Centre of Kisvárda on the 11th of January. The event was a great success.

Out of the members of the non-governmental organisation, Péter Gergő Juhász and Csaba Szeremley visited Malawi in 2005 as part of a humanitarian mission. The leadership of the association launched an educational programme in the African city last year, where Ilona Asztalos taught local orphans the basics of photography.

The exhibition was opened by Tibor Leleszi, who acknowledged the work of the members of the NGO and said that the mission sets an excellent example for people living in Kisvárda.

He added that these missions help people living on different continents get to know and understand each other’s culture, history and traditions.


The guest of honour was Cecilia Khofi, beauty queen of Malawi, who talked about the issues her country is currently facing. She is also a UN goodwill ambassador, who is determined to help those 10-12-year-old girls, who are sold by their families to men due to financial problems.

Photo: Daily News Hungary

Cecilia Khofi emphasised that she was proud of her origin and encouraged everyone to visit Malawi, where everyone is welcome.

The photos of the exhibition present the everyday life of locals.

Featured image: Globo TV

Source: Globo TV

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