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The Canadians made an impressive offer on a 330-hectare ex-military airport, which used to be the second biggest military airport in Hungary. The owners are leaning towards selling. and HVG report that a Canadian company, Gloder Capital LPP, is interested in buying a 330-hectare area which is owned by three different settlements: Foktő, Kalocsa and Uszód.

This area used to be Hungary’s second biggest military airport.

Uszód owns the majority of the airport (120 hectares), Foktő owns 100 hectares, and Kalocsa owns 50 hectares.

The local governments of the three towns have long been discussing the possibility of utilising the property;

they were even approached to establish a solar power plant, and the Chinese showed interest in the property as well.

We know that the Canadian company has already launched a takeover bid, but dr. József Bálint, the mayor of Kalocsa, was not willing to share the details just yet. However, he did mention that

if the offer comes through, this could be the business of the century for the owners.

He still needs to consult with the local governments with whom Kalocsa shares ownership of the property. Kalocsa’s mayor believes that it is a very serious offer:

“If this deal is made, the next mayor will have very little to worry about.”

The longest airstrip is 3.2 kilometres, which is ideal for a Boeing plane. The fact that the construction permit for the Kalocsa-Paks-Danube bridge was recently obtained increases the chances of the property getting sold. Even Paks II could make use of a 3-kilometre-long airstrip, HVG writes. The same company is planning to establish an airport logistics centre in Kiskunlacháza, where a similar former military airport is located.

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