Polish Hungarian friendship

Hungary hopes that the European Union’s “political hunt” for Poland will soon come to an end and the European Commission will finally respect member states’ laws based on national traditions and sovereignty, the state secretary for EU affairs said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Hungarian reporters by phone from Luxembourg after a meeting of EU affairs officials, Szabolcs Takács said Poland deserved respect, arguing that despite the ongoing procedure against it, which he said “cannot be described as fair”, the Polish government was engaged in constructive talks with the EC.

Hungary disagrees with the procedure and still does not support that the EC — instead of managing the issue as a bilateral one — “is conducting the procedure against the Polish government in broad public”, Takács said.

The state secretary argued that the public procedure was increasing the political pressure on Poland. He added, at the same time, that EC First Vice President Frans Timmermans’s recent move to start “meaningful” talks with Warsaw was constructive.

Poland’s openness and willingness must be acknowledged, Takács said, arguing that Poland had amended its laws that had been considered the most problematic by the EC.

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Source: MTI

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