Budapest, April 7 (MTI) – A new draft for a constitutional amendment connected to terrorism reduces the period for which a state of terrorist threat can be declared from 60 days to 30 days, daily Magyar Idők said on Thursday.

The updated draft addresses opposition criticism of the original version of the amendment proposal and also reduces the number of special measures that can be introduced, the paper said. Contrary to the original draft, the new one does not include the possibility of limiting or banning entry for foreigners to Hungary, the mandatory registration of foreigners staying in Hungary or limiting or banning contacts with foreign individuals or organisations, Magyar Idők said.

The new draft also eliminates the possibility of restricting the stocking and sale of energy and consumer goods, imports and exports and suspending public procurements.

According to the paper, the defence ministry is waiting for further proposals from parties at consultations to be held this Friday.

Simultaneously with the constitutional amendment, the ministry will propose to the cabinet a review of the national security strategy and the national military stategy.

Photo: Zsolt Reviczky 


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