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The 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games were held in Buenos Aires, between 6 and 18 October – reports. Although the event officially ended Thursday night, Hungarians were not competing in any of the categories on the last day. Their results are awe-inspiring – the Hungarian team ended up with 12 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze medals, their best result as of now.

It was the first Youth Olympics ever to be held outside of Asia. The South-American location also explains why it was organised well into autumn, in October, instead of during the summer. 206 nations were present for the competition, competing in 241 events in 32 categories.

From Hungary, 79 sportsmen and sportswomen participated, competing in 20 categories.

The medals came from 9 categories. Hungarians excelled at athletics, wrestling, judo, kayak&canoeing, pentathlon, beach handball (women), gymnastics, swimming and fencing. On top of this, our athletes achieved great results in equestrian and shooting sports, too. However, results in categories with mixed contestants are not added to the final score of the medal table. Nevertheless, we are very proud of the Hungarian team winning medals in 11 categories.

Looking back, we can see how well Hungarian athletes performed this year, with 28 medals altogether.

In 2010, at the first Youth Olympic Games held in Singapur, Hungarians won 6 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze medals (7 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals if we count the mixed team sports as well). In 2014, Hungarians brought back 6 gold, 6 silver and 11 bronze medals (7-9-12 medals altogether).

Hungarian gold medalists:

Kristóf Milák (swimming – 400-metre freestyle, 200-metre freestyle, 200-metre butterfly)

Krisztián Rabb (fencing – sabre individual)

Szofi Özbas (judo, 63 kg)

Blanka Berecz (swimming – 200-metre butterfly)

Ajna Késely (swimming – 200-metre, 400-metre and 800-metre freestyle)

Liza Pusztai (fencing – sabre individual)

Eszter Rendessy (kayak – speed race)

Ádám Kiss (kayak – speed race)

Hungarian silver medalists:

Kristóf Milák (swimming – 100-metre butterfly)

Laura Gönczöl (canoe – speed race)

Krisztián Balázs (gymnastics – floor exercise)

Csenge Bácskay (gymnastics – vault)

Anna Szél (wrestling, 57 kg)

Klaudia Endrész (athletics – long jump)

Dániel Huller (athletics – 400-metre hurdles)

Hungarian bronze medalists:

Zsombor Vég (judo, 100kg)

Michelle Gulyás (pentathlon, individual)

Krisztián Balázs (gymnastics – horizontal bar)

Blanka Vas, Virág Buzsáki (cycling – women’s combined)

Women’s beach handball team

So, we can say that Kristóf Milák and Ajna Késely achieved the most results in their respective categories. They each won three times, while Milák also has a silver medal on top of the gold ones.

Swimmer Milák
Buenos Aires, Argentina – Kristóf Milák (swimming) Photo: MTI/EPA/OIS/IOC/Joel Marklund)

Other categories in which Hungarians achieved great results include fencing, with Liza Pusztai and Krisztián Rabb winning the mixed continental team match. Zalán Pekler also became first in the 10-metre air rifle mixed international team competition, with Mongolian partner Erdenechuluun Enkhmaa. Vince Jármy won the silver medal in equestrian sports, as part of the European Jumping International Team.

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Photo: MTI/AP/OIS/IOC/Ian Walton


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