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13th of January, the huge polish event is going to take place also in Budapest – the Grand Finale of 27th Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Auctions, concerts, culinary workshops and others will be held in the head office of Polonia Nova. This year we will be raising money to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for specialist children’s hospitals in Poland. 

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is the biggest non-governmental organization and it is the most trustworthy initiative in Poland. It was established in 1993 and since then it annually organizes a fundraiser, known as grand Finale Fundraiser, which takes place on the second Sunday of January. From the money collected, the GOCC purchases and gives to children’s hospitals state-of-the-art medical equipment.

The leader of the whole event and foundation is Jurek Owsiak, known as Jurek. He is a polish journalist, the founder and the chairman of the foundation with which he annually organizes the Grand Finale – unbelievably effective street fundraiser conducted in Poland and all over the world.

During the Finale, 120 000 volunteers will be collecting money for the foundation in the streets of Poland as well as in dozens of cities all over the world. There are going to be thousands of concerts, get-togethers and lots of bottom-up events. There is tradition, that at 8 PM. the sky is lit up by “Light to the Sky” – a spectacular light show that is a culmination of the whole event.

The staff of the GOCC Foundation is glad to invite for the events which take place in Budapest. 12th of January, in Polonia Nova, Jókai ter 1, there will be an auction with a concert and culinary attractions.

During the auction, the items and services will be issued mainly by Poles living in Hungary: a tour of Budapest with a guide, pastries, cakes, a basket of delicacies from the Polish store, books with dedication, photos, paintings, tailor styling, kitchen equipment, honey and some sweets.

13th of January in K11 Művészeti és Kulturális Központ at Király utca 11, the grand Finale will take place. At 2P.M. the opening ceremony starts with Polish gastronomy, mini fair of Polish book and culinary workshops on making pierogi and decorating gingerbread. The event contains also the performance for children, in Hungarian, prepared by the Association of Theaters of National Minorities in Hungary, learning the basics of Polish national dance Polonez and karaoke with polish songs. The mentioned “Light to the sky” starts at 8P.M.

You are all welcome to join the event, because helping is a child’s play!

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