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The Holy Crown of Hungary at the Hungarian Parliament, photo: MTI
It was 40 years ago when US President Jimmy Carter returned the Holy Crown to the Hungarian people (on January the 6th of 1978).
The crown fell into the possession of the United States at the end of the Second World War. The guardians of the crown made every effort to keep the Holy Crown in the country, but finally, they couldn’t prevent this to happen.  It is difficult to say what would have been its fate if it stays in the country, but it is sure, that his return arose the questions about its safety.
Our film wants to draw the attention to the guardians of the Holy Crown. Their responsibility can be understood only if we recognize:
the crown is not just a historical object, it has its own legal personality.
This means, that in Hungarian public law the crown had a significant role from the founding of the Hungarian state (1000 A.D.). This can be named as a „tradition” (later it is called the Doctrine of the Holy Crown). In a nutshell: a Hungarian ruler was only considered a legitimate king if crowned with the Holy Crown. No other crowns would substitute this procedure. Over time, the following perception grew permanent: all power comes from the Holy Crown itself, the King is only the representative of this power. To our knowledge, this state-theoretical conception is unique and unprecedented in the world. Perhaps this is the reason the crown has accompanied us all along in our history, from  St. Stephen to our present day?
Besides being a unique symbol of our statehood, it also deserves special attention as a fine arts work. Tons of fine art studies and essays were written on this subject. Still, the experts don’t understand, how its enamel paintings were made. Even with modern technology, we can’t create something as sophisticated yet.
The material significance of the Holy Crown, however, is nothing as close important than its symbol of inhesion.
According to historical sources, regardless of nationality, the person was called a Hungarian who had civilian rights in the countries of the Holy Crown. Even today, every Hungarian, living anywhere in the world, is part of the Holy Crown.
The guardians of the Holy Crown claim, they are guarding not just a state symbol, but the country itself, and every single Hungarian citizen.
This means a tie for a lifetime, and it is even reflected in the oath of the guardians.
The main character of our film is Csaba Ugray, he prepared almost in his entire life to become a guardian. Besides the physical expectations and military theory, he additionally needed serious historical knowledge to absorb, in order to take an oath.
Not everyone is fit for this service.  Standing still for hours in a low stimulus environment can be very stressful. It can be stated, that the finest sons of the Hungarian Defense Forces gain access to here.
As we wrote yesterday, Former United States President Jimmy Carter has marked the 40th anniversary of the return of the Holy Crown to Hungary in a letter to the heads of Hungarian Baptist Aid in Washington, DC. Read more HERE.
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Watch this great video about GUARDIANS OF HOLY CROWN with English or Russian subtitle: 

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