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Gyurcsány vows to make corrupt politicians accountable

Gyurcsány vows to make corrupt politicians accountable

Ferenc Gyurcsány, the leader of the leftist opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), vowed to make corrupt government members accountable for their actions at an election rally in Salgótarján, in northern Hungary, on Saturday.

The former prime minister said crime had become a key constituent of “the regime”. He called for prosecutors and the judiciary “to be made independent” and for “stolen public assets” to be recovered from “the leaders of the mafia state and their servants”. Further, farmland lease contracts signed with oligarchs must be terminated and at least partial compensation must be paid to the thousands of people disadvantaged by the Orbán government over the past seven years, he said.

He vowed to bring Hungary together so that the nation would be “a source of hope for all Hungarians”. 

Gyurcsány said his party wanted to see freedom and diversity in public education, and called for the central school manager (KLIK) to be scrapped and municipal control over schools restored. He said DK would also restore the school-leaving age to 18.


He also called for pension adjustments to be reintroduced and the establishment of a pension cap for wealthy pensioners. Disability pensions should be reviewed and a home-care service for seniors brought about.

Gyurcsány said the right-wing parties were wary of Budapest. He called for “the honour of the capital” to be restored, with a directly elected city council and funding commensurate with its operational needs.

Gyurcsány said he would like Hungary to be

“a little bit like Austria … with people sitting on restaurant terraces calm in the knowledge that their children can study while granny will be properly treated in hospital”.

In a statement issued in response to Gyurcsány’s speech, the governing Fidesz party said Gyurcsány’s plan was to import migrants into Hungary. It is part of Gyurcsány’s election programme that, in return for regaining power, he is ready to implement “the Soros plan”. This was proved at a vote in the European Parliament on Thursday when Péter Niedermüller and Csaba Molnár, two MEP’s of Gyurcsány’s party, voted in favour of the migrant settlement quota, the statement said.

Source: MTI


  1. Máté Pál

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Gyurcsány vows to make corrupt politicians accountable???????!!!!!!! I find this the biggest joke of the century. If this is his intention if he gets elected (which he won’t), then why didn’t he bring this about when he was in power. I’m sure if he had, he would still be in prison with years still to serve. The hypocrite robbed people throughout the country, putting their hard earned money into his pocket, by also closing factories down, buying them up for nothing and selling them off at very high prices. He corrupted schools and the hospitals, again putting money that should have been spent to build them up, but instead putting it in his own pocket. All Gyurcsány and the rest of the Socialists are interested in doing, is to sell Hungary off to the European Union. Yes, and it is true, he and his cronies are in the pocket and under orders from Soros. Gyurcsány and his wife are as corrupt as they come. How he has got away with what he has been doing all these years, is a mystery.

  2. Sander Driessen

    Is this the same person that has brought Hungary nearly on its knees? Is this the same person who instructed the Police to beat its own people when they were celebrating in 2006 the Revolution of 1956? Does he hates his own people? Doesn’t he understand that nearly everybody knows about his villa in Croatia? This person can be called a ‘clown’ and even that is too much honour!

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