Hvg.hu writes that a one and a half kilometre big green area would be constructed until 2022 along the Nyugati railway station, while the station, which also needs renovation, would be closed for two years for this reason. The proposal was put forward to the government on Wednesday.

The 25 hectare park would lie on a 1,2 kilometre area, from Teréz Boulevard through Dózsa György Road to Hungária Boulevard, with walks and parks.

One part of the green zone walk would lie on ground-level, while the other part would lie on the covered rails. For this aim, the Nyugati railway station would be closed and renovated for two years. All of this would start in 2018 after the preparations in 2017, and the park would be finished by 2022.

“Dwelling houses, business houses and shopping centres wouldn’t be built in the area, however, they would build playgrounds, sporting areas, fountains, and smaller entertainment and cultural venues” said András Lukács, the director of Levegő Munkacsoport that has been involved in the making of the preliminary estimations. It would basically be a green area; they would even plant trees on the covered rails, just like they did on the terrace of Westend shopping centre. The park doesn’t have a horticultural plan yet.

The civil organisation published a summary about the refundment that the landscaping would give to city dwellers, not to mention that it would improve their health and the way they feel. They think that a park like this would cost 60 billion forints and estimate that the value of neighbouring real estates would grow by 3-10%.

The walk would be connected with the City Park and Hungária Boulevard, and there would also be a parking lot at Mexikói Road.

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