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As reports, this is again a very promising year for the Hungarian film industry since Rosamund Pike shoots in Budapest again and Will Smith might also visit our capital during the shooting of Gemini Man. Hollywood producers like to produce films in Hungary which is proven by the fact that last year, they spent 108 billion forints (360 million euros) in the country. Here is what we can expect shortly in the film industry.

Gemini Man

According to the record of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, Hungary is going to give a temporary home to Hollywood film stars this year, too. The sci-fi film, called Gemini Man, made by Skydance Media, is also among the recorded productions in which the main roles are played by Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth, Winstead and Live Owen. The producer of the film is the Oscar winner Ang Lee. The production is about an assassin who confronts his own clone. The American release is expected on 4 October 2019, but there is no information about the production’s budget.

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The shooting of the film about the life of Marie Curie starts in February in which one of the filming locations in Hungary. The film, Radioactive, which filming budget is predictably around 3 billion forints (10 million euros), can get 752 million forints (2.5 million euros) of financial assistance through the tax allowance system operating in Hungary. The shooting can last until November. The Hungarian Pioneer Stillking Films Ltd helps the film produced by Working Title and financed by the French Canal Studio.

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The main character is played by the Oscar nominee Rosamund Pike who already visited Budapest in 2015 when she shot the French movie called Himmler’s Brain is Called Heydrich. The director of her new movie, Radioactive, is the Iranian-French Marjane Satrapi who is going to produce the film based on the novel, Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout.

Is Terminator not coming?

The new film of Terminator, currently under the name of Untitled Terminator Reboot, is commissioned by Paramount and prepared by Skydance with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in the main roles. Reportedly, besides Spain, the production is going to be shot in Hungary, more precisely in the Origo Film Studio, but according to the latest news, the crew also looks for filming location in Great Britain.

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Based on previous plans, the shooting starts in March and the film’s debut is going to take place in July 2019, but the Hungarian authorities have not recorded the production yet.

Hungary is the perfect location for TV series, too

The second season of the Canadian-French TV series called Ransom is also produced in the Etyek Film Studio with the assistance of the Korda Film Studio Ltd. The shooting has already started in winter, and according to plans, it is going to end in the middle of summer. In the record of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, the production’s budget is determined to be more than 3 billion forints (10 million euros), but the film can get 827 million forints (2.7 million euros) Hungarian financial aid.

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In collaboration with the Korda Studio, the film called The Life of Insects, which is currently under preparation can also be made, but no more details are revealed about it.

The shooting of the third season of the British BBC historical series, The Last Kingdom, has already started in the Korda Studio last autumn, but the shooting might last until 2019.

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Budapest also gives a home to a fantasy thriller series called Hidden. The producers spend 1.35 billion forints (4.3 million euros) on the production that is based on the book of Filip Alexandersson. The film is about a man aiming to discover his own origin. August Wittgenstein and Izabella Scorupco play the main roles.

An animal, a romantic and a horror film to wait for

The film of Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog shot mostly with Hungarian actors and crew is in the post-production stage. This exciting story is about the life of a shepherd dog in Berlin during the 1930s and 1940s. The film is based on the story written by Asher Kravitz, and its Hungarian producer is the Focusfox Ltd. According to the record of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, its shooting started in October, and it is going to be finished by the end of April.

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The romantic Swedish film called Swoon was produced in Hungary last year, and it is also in the post-production stage. The movie, which is based on real-life events, is going to debut in September 2018. It unfolds the story of rivalry in the 1940s between two amusement parks and the families who operate them. But unexpectedly, their children fall in love with each other like in Romeo and Juliet.

The horror film of The Cabinet of Fear is also going to be shot in Hungary until the end of June. There is not much information on the Internet about this production, but it is known that its Hungarian production partner is going to be the O.F Delta Ltd.

Based on the films mentioned above, there is a lot to wait for. If you walk around Budapest, you might bump into famous actors and producers, so do not be surprised! 😀

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