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Homeless man threatening to bomb Parliament in custody

Homeless man threatening to bomb Parliament in custody

Budapest (MTI) – A Hungarian homeless man threatening to blow up Parliament is now in custody at a psychiatric ward, Budapest’s chief prosecutor Tibor Ibolya said on Friday.

The 49-year-old man made two threats, one in October last year, and one on Wednesday this week, calling the emergency number 112 from a public phone booth, according to official reports. Both times he said he would set a bomb off in Parliament, citing several grievances as his motivation, Ibolya said in a statement. A Budapest district court decided to put the suspect into pre-trial detention. The decision can be appealed.

The man will be held at the Judicial and Observational Psychiatric Institution (IMEI) where he will undergo psychiatric treatment. The man is homeless and has insufficient income to provide for himself, so no other option for detaining him seemed feasible, Ibolya said. He added that the suspect needed psychiatric care, noting that he had repeated his threats in court. He is under criminal procedures in four other cases, Ibolya said.


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