The district court of Zalaegerszeg ordered the arrest of a 35-year-old man for 30 days for violating the personal liberty of and wilfully causing bodily harm to a juvenile. The arrest is justified due to the risk of escaping and recidivism, and even the deliberate stymieing of the investigation and the manipulation of the victim and the witnesses.

According to the report of Zalai Hírlap, the man from Nagykanizsa met the girl in April, who moved in with him to his apartment. When the girl met her friend in October, as it was previously arranged, the man pursued them in a car and forced their car to stop. The man pulled his girlfriend out of the car by her hair and dragged her to his apartment. He abused his girlfriend until she “confessed” that she was unfaithful to him. However, the torture still continued as the next day, he was choking his girlfriend with a dog collar.

It can be read on Index that the girl’s escape was only possible because an acquaintance came to the man’s apartment and the girl had enough time to call her mother. The victim’s mother took her daughter from the man, still with the collar around her neck. She was hospitalised with bruises, and her nasal bone was also broken.

The man, who had a criminal record with several incidents, escaped the apartment, but the police were able to arrest him. As of yet, he has not confessed to the abuse.

The district prosecutor’s office of Kanizsa ordered the imposition of coercive measures on the man, as it was suspected that he would try to hamper or jeopardise the negotiation. Allowing this, the judge decided to arrest the perpetrator for one month.

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