Racka sheep
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The preservation of genetically unique, indigenous Hungarian species is of primary importance.

January is not only the beginning of the new year but the time when many animals are giving birth in the Hortobágy. In the case of Racka sheep, this period is called the lambing time when numerous small Rackas – both black and white – are brought into daylight.

Recently, the Hungarian puszta is loud due to the ewes bleating that helps the newborn lambs to return to their moms – reported by dehir.hu.

This year, the first Racka was born on the day of Epiphany, 6th January; which was followed by 450 others.

Last year, twin births were very frequent; this year, this is not a common phenomenon.  There are always healthier, bigger sheep, growing really fast. Rackas are indigenous animals, usually accustomed to bring up one lamb – said József Tóth shepherd.

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Until springtime, thousand lambs births are expected in the winter shelters; which is also very important because in the last century the genetically unique, indigenous Hungarian species almost disappeared.

Hay is already given to the little lambs; however, during the first weeks mother’s milk is the most important source of nutrition. Warm litter is also provided to the newborns. Shepherds continuously take care of them and make sure of their appropriate nutrition. So the ewes also have enough milk which can be given to the little ones.

The preservation of the Racka sheep genome – which arrived at the Carpathian Basin with our conquering ancestors – is of primary importance.

Therefore, the best and strongest sheep will be brought to breeding establishments. They emphasise the benefits of sheepmeat consumption as well, since only the Racka has no greasy aftertaste, compared to other breeds of sheep.

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