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Photo: MTI/Balogh Zoltán

Six opposition parties issued a joint statement calling on the government to withdraw a decision to reopen schools and kindergarten next Monday.

The Democratic Coalition (DK), Jobbik, LMP, Momentum, the Socialists and Párbeszéd said on Friday that the cabinet decision on reopening would threaten several hundred thousand children attending kindergarten and school, as well as parents and teachers during the third and most dangerous wave of the coronavirus epidemic. Reopening kindergartens and schools before teachers are fully protected will

greatly increase the risk of the virus spreading

and parents who have not been vaccinated yet will be in increased danger, the statement added.

They criticised a proposal by state secretary for education Zoltán Maruzsa who said that

concerned parents could ask for a permission from their children’s headmasters to continue home schooling.

The opposition parties said this way Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was transferring responsibility to teachers and parents. Considering the high number of infections and deaths, the government should make a decision to maintain online education, the parties said.

  1. The Government, should lisen to Scientific Medical Advise, and keep the country closed as it currently is, until such time, that see’s 80% of the population of Hungary 9.6 million are Immunized.
    Immunization medically means by 2 injections – the full dosage.
    The growing world opinion, that the Chinese “conglomeration” it’s just 50% rate of successfully immunizing human beings, this global growing concern, must draw serious attention to the Hungarian Government and they must Lisen and Act.
    Deaths – 24,979.
    Active Cases – 271,032.
    Serious on Life Support – 1093.
    Ratio of deaths to 500 Hungarian Residents statistically evaluated against a population of 9.6 million indicates 1 in every 398 Hungarian citizen is loosing their life to this continuing rampant and ravaging novel coronavirus.
    This death to 500 citizen ration – we will continue to witness the current figure 1 in 398 – at a substantial lower level than 1 in 398.
    Medical Statistical Data – clearly identifies this as Fact.

  2. We thank Professor (the mad-dog) Caritas for his enlightening – if disjointed – mathematics dissertation.

    As Bart Simpson would have said : “D’oh …..”

    By the way, we are all wondering when he is going to receive his RABIES shots.

    If he doesn’t get vaccinated, then he may have to be ‘put down’ because of local council regulations.

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