reports that a revolutionising idea of two Hungarian women might help overcome nomophobia, the anxiety caused by not having access to one’s phone. This is probably the 1st invention that wants to help quit mobile addiction that many suffer from. Here are the details!

An average adult spends around 3-4 hours a day on mobile devices that could also be devoted to one’s partner or kids. Furthermore, if people constantly engage their mind and attention with digital content, the mind cannot rest enough and therefore, the level of creativity also decreases. It is no surprise that many struggle with concentration problems, and needless to say that it can easily lead to relationship problems, too. But here is the solution to the long-standing problem!

The inventors

The new invention was made by 2 Hungarian women, Bori Kovács and Eszter Baur, who love technological gadgets.

For this reason, their innovation should not be considered an anti-mobile campaign, but more like a campaign that aims to develop a healthier relationship with smartphones.

They personally experienced that the time spent on phones is done to the detriment of personal contact with others. Since they are both fresh mothers, they want their children and the future generations to grow up in a society that is not full of phone addicts. This motivated them to come up with something new.

As they believe, we have to take control of our lives and be in charge of ourselves instead of letting online games and social media websites direct our life. Therefore, they came up with a new invention that is not really technology-dependent because there have been similar solutions before.

How does their idea work?

As describes, Out OFF The BOX is a great self-development tool which can help individuals reduce the time spent on technological devices. When it comes to addiction, it does not always have the same form. Playing games, being glued to the TV, social media or the latest news are only a few forms of this illness.

Today, applications exist for all kinds of things, like for losing weight, calculating calories etc., but this is not an application. It is a physical toolset with tangible tools.

Badgers to motivate yourself

It is a 3-step program in which the stages are the following: KICK OFF, GO OFF and HOLD OFF. In the 1st phase, you have to fill in a survey and set down the goals you want to achieve. The 2nd phase consists of a 30-day OFF challenge with the use of functional, inspirational and recreational tools that constantly remind you of why you are doing the programme and motivate you in the process. And finally, the HOLD OFF stage is about celebrating your achievements by filling out the questionnaire again and sharing your experiences on a postcard.

Here is a video of the whole programme.

If you might wonder if it really works, try it out. The inventors made much work on designing this programme by talking to experts and reading the relevant literature. Pre-ordering has already started, but they are pleased to receive a contribution to launch the production. If you interested and want more detail, check out the website here. 🙂



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