According to, we can say goodbye to the classic mouse that takes up quite a lot of space and the inconvenient and frequently unreliable TouchPad, thanks to a new Hungarian invention. You’ll only need your hands to control the process 😉

The tiny gadget and its software developed by Gergely Márton supersedes the use of the inconvenient mouse and touchpad – you only need to gesture with your fingers above the keyboard as the program reads your movements right away.


The CozyTap projects the picture of the web camera onto the hands of the user, however, its real power lies in the control software which ensures basic mouse functions, scrolling and zooming. It also has a creative side: users can create different shapes, forms and control signs with their hands.

Moreover, left-handed people can also use CozyTap just as easily as right-handed people. You don’t have to move your hands away from the keyboard to be able to click into a document, add text or do anything that you would do with a mouse.

You can support the Hungarian developers here. Your support equals a pre-order in case of a successful crowdfunding.

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