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Photo: MTI/Csaba Krizsán

A man attempted to smuggle several immigrants to Austria through Hungary when the police caught up to him. While the police were busy trying to catch the smuggler, the others snuck away.

A human smuggler was chased by police cars and finally caught on main road 85 in the Vitnyéd area, on Monday, according to There were multiple witnesses at the scene, who claimed the smuggler got out of the car with a gun and a grenade in hand and made a run for the nearby forest.

Three policemen chased after the man and asked him multiple times to drop his weapons, eventually giving him a warning shot in the air. The man, however, instead of surrendering, turned his weapon on himself and fired, which was followed by the explosion of the hand grenade.

“We passed right there when a shot rang out, followed by a loud explosion. Then three policemen came out of the front of the forest in bulletproof vests. Then we noticed the body lying in the grass in the orange vest. It was pretty shocking. Why didn’t the police close the road?” A witness wrote to A massive traffic jam and line of vehicles piled up at the scene reportedly.

The Counter Terrorist Unit had to be called to the scene in order to approach the body, as the police were unsure whether there were still undetonated explosives on him, that they could accidentally set off.

According to another witness, “three dark-skinned men got out of the car, then a white man too, who the police pointed guns at and yelled at him to drop the grenade.” Meanwhile, in the chaos, the dark-skinned men made a run for it and escaped.

According to Telex, however, three people escaped, but two others were apprehended and questioned by the police, while the search for the runaways continues. The two could “not provide credible proof of the legality of their stay in Hungary and their identity.”

vitnyéd human smuggling suicide migrants police
Searching for the escaped migrants / Photo: MTI/Csaba Krizsán

The nationality of the deceased smuggler is not known yet, but he was driving a car with a Hungarian license plate on it.

Győr Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office of the Central Investigation Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the case and its circumstances.

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