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Over hundred million central Europeans against migrant quota – SURVEY

Over hundred million central Europeans against migrant quota – SURVEY

Of the 157 million voting-age adults living in 11 countries in central Europe, 106 million are against the European Union’s migrant quota, the Nézőpont Institute said on Friday.

The quota is rejected by 94 percent of Slovaks, 93 percent of Czechs, 89 percent of Bulgarians, 87 percent of Hungarians, 83 percent of Slovenians, 82 percent of Romanians, 74 percent of Poles, 71 percent of Croatians, 70 percent of Serbs, 50 percent of Germans and 46 percent of Austrians, Nézőpont said, based on telephone interviews made with a representative sample of 1,000 adults aged over 18 in each country between June 6 and July 6.

Nézőpont said “the European Court of Justice’s decision on Wednesday has once again lent the survey relevance”.

The European Court on Wedneday dismissed a case launched by Hungary and Slovakia challenging the legality of the EU’s migrant resettlement scheme.

As we wrote on Thursday, almost three quarters of Hungarians surveyed by the Századvég Foundation before Wednesday’s ECJ ruling want the government to pursue its fight against the European Union’s mandatory migrant resettlement scheme.

Photo: MTI/AP/Darko Bandic

Source: MTI/Nézőpont

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