Photo by Alpár Kató Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)
Photo: Daily News Hungary / Alpár Kató

A general assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) on Monday approved a new mission statement.

MTA chairman László Lovász said the Academy had to rethink its mission after lawmakers voted in the summer to place its network of research institutions into a separate entity with its own independent budget chapter. He added that

93 percent of the general assembly supported the new mission statement.

According to the new statement, the Academy is a unifying force representing the Hungarian scientific community, one that protects and preserves the Hungarian language, fosters Hungary’s scientific and cultural heritage, and contributes to establishing the conditions necessary for research.

The Academy is tasked with expanding the international ties of Hungarian science, promoting its achievements and representing its interests.

Lovász also said he intends to return to the field of scientific research after his term as MTA chairman expires.

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