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The 27-year-old Hungarian made a series of sexual offers to the 81-year-old lady before taking food from her kitchen.

Crimes happen everywhere; no country is an exception. Sometimes, the perpetrator is lucky and leaves with a huge amount of money. Sometimes, he goes for coronavirus vaccines but gets caught.

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Other times, the crime is disgusting and makes us think that stricter rules are needed.

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And there are those crimes that are simply ridiculous. Like the one that happened in Hungary last August.

A 27-year-old man, who had previously been convicted, broke into the home of an 81-year-old lady, with the intention of robbing her and offering her sexual services,

writes 24.hu.

This is not the first time a drunk Hungarian man either offers or demands sexual services from a significantly older lady.

The man is being prosecuted by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Settlement of Hatvan for breach of domicile committed with force, ransacking, and other crimes.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Settlement of Eger, the drunk perpetrator opened the main door of the victim with force. The poor lady was trying to convince him to leave when the man told her his only intention for breaking into her house was so that he could “make her happy”.

The pensioner lady tried to kick the very drunk man out of her house, without any success, as, naturally, he was physically much stronger than her. She had no other choice but to listen to him rambling about his sexual proposals and courtship until dawn.

When the unexpected guest was finally about to leave the house and leave the lady alone, he decided he could not do so with empty hands. So, he took what he saw in the kitchen: a tomato and half a stick of butter, after drinking a glass of rubbing alcohol.

The lady did not want to report the drunk man for all the sexual harassment she received, for which he will not be held responsible or convicted. On the other hand, the Prosecutor’s Office’s decision is 4 years in prison and a 4-year ban from public affairs, in the case the perpetrator confesses his crime and pleads guilty at the preparational session, thus renouncing his right to a trial.

Rendőrség Police Helyszín Crime Scene
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Source: 24.hu, ugyeszseg.hu

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