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According to itv.com, a family who trafficked two Hungarian women around the North West and subjected them to months of enslavement, beatings and forced prostitution have been jailed.

The family of four pleaded guilty to sex trafficking at the Bolton Crown Court.

Ferenc Dardai Jnr was jailed for six years
Daniel Dardai was jailed for three years
Ferenc Dardai Snr was jailed for four years
Melania Kiraly was jailed for four years.

On March 26, 2015, policemen found two female victims in a property in Bolton. They said the women were lean and shy. They spoke with them separately, away from the family.

The first victim met Ferenc Dardai Jnr in 2013 who persuaded her to move in with him and his family in Bolton, as his girlfriend.

Within weeks she was forced to work in the sex industry, treated as a slave in the house, and beaten daily by both Ferenc Dardai Jnr and his mother, Melania Kiraly, itv.com wrote.

The family totally controlled her; she scarcely got food and was rarely allowed more than three hours sleep a night.

During the next year, the woman lost a quarter of her body weight and received several long-term injuries as a result of the horrific treatment.

According to itv.com, the second victim, a 21-year-old woman, was subjected to similarly abusive and exploitative treatment.

Both of them were forced to have unprotected sex with men, even in the middle of the night. In spite of this, the two women did not get any money, since the family rather spent it on drugs or casinos.

One of the victims feared her young son in Hungary would be harmed if she alerted police. After the policemen rescued them, the officers and support networks protected and help them regain control of their lives. Meanwhile, other officers focused on the criminal family to prosecute and bring them to justice.

Detective Inspector Neil Blackwood said:

“The treatment these poor women suffered at the hands of these offenders is nothing short of barbaric.

“Imagine being in that situation, of being the victim of daily violence, sexual abuse and mental torture, but being unable to run in case your child was harmed by your abusers.

“Countless men, women and children find themselves in this position every day and Greater Manchester Police’s specialist Modern Slavery Unit is working hard to remove this threat from our communities.”

According to itv.com, the warning signs of modern slavery:

A lack of self-esteem
Acting as if instructed by another
Injured or in need of medical care
Distrustful of authorities
Fearful and poorly integrated into the local community
Living in overcrowded accommodation
Lacking suitable clothing for their job
Picked up by vehicles at unusual hours

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