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They got the Queen’s message the day before their graduation as a gift. Below, you can read the whole letter.

Graduating students of the Commerce and Catering Vocational High School of Szombathely received a special gift in their scrip because Queen Elizabeth II herself wrote a letter to the class.

According to the school’s Facebook-post announcing the gift, the students have been learning British and American civilisation for 4 years during which they became fans of the history and life of the British royal family. Therefore, they sent a lot of congratulatory letters and postcards to the queen on different occasions for which they always received an answer – szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reported.

However, this time, their letter of introduction was read out personally to the Queen herself who

dictated her answer to one of her ladies-in-waiting. 

In fact, Elizabeth II receives an average of 300 letters from every part of the world on a daily basis, so, there are so-called pre-readers who select those ones that are to be read out personally to the Queen. According to the letter sent from Windsor Castle to the Hungarian students, the Queen was interested to hear about the English language students of the school who also “enjoy learning about British culture and the Royal family. […] Her Majesty sends her good wishes to you all for the future” – the letter concludes.

The students received the Queen’s answer in their last class before their graduation. It was a total surprise for them, and, of course, each one of them got a copy in their graduation scrip.

You can read the full letter here:

Queen Elizabeth II Szombathely
This is the letter the graduating students of English in the Orlay high school received.

As we reported before, Queen Elizabeth II’s great-great-grandmother was Hungarian. Her name was Claudine (Hung. Klaudia) Rhédey, and she was born and raised in Erdőszentgyörgy, Transylvania (today Romania). In fact, the Countess was born in 1812, and 18 years later, she met Duke Alexander of Württemberg; however, his father said no to Alexander’s proposal because the duke could not speak Hungarian. Therefore,

Alexander learnt the Hungarian language, 

and five years later, he could marry Claudine with whom he had children. Prince Francis of Teck married Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, a granddaughter of British King George III. Thus, he became a member of the British Royal Family.

This Prince Francis had only one daughter, Mary of Teck, who married Prince George, Duke of York, in July 1893. When George was crowned George V in 1910, she became Queen of the United Kingdom. Thus, it can be clear now that

Elizabeth II who is the granddaughter of George V is 6.3 pc Hungarian

since she is the great-great-granddaughter of Claudine Rhédey. Consequently, her eldest son and heir to the British throne,

Prince Charles, is 3.1 pc Hungarian.

He owns four proprieties in Transylvania which he regularly visits. Furthermore, in 2015, he even established the Romanian Prince of Wales Foundation intending to pursue educational activities in the area of heritage conservation, agriculture and sustainable development. Watch the video of Prince Charles talking about Transylvania:


Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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