A group of delegates from the Hungarian Ferromark-Trading Ltd. visited the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center’s (HTCC) office in Uganda, Globoport.hu reports. The Ferromark-Trading delegation had discussions with the Ugandan Minister of State for the Environment, the National Environmental Authorities and the representatives of many Ugandan companies. Negotiations have been made on the cooperation between authorities and on the transmission of data and information.

The Ferromark-Halna company has been paying attention to the opportunities offered by the Ugandan market since 2015. The company also investigates and offers technological solutions to the waste management problems of the Eastern-African mining, iron- and steel industry.

Ferromark-Trading Ltd. aims to emphasize how important it is to decrease the use of natural resources, to prevent environmental pollution and to reduce environmental loads.

With the help of the available technology, knowledge and decades of experience, the Hungarian company aims to emphasize that industrial by-products are just as useful as other raw materials, and the same results can be achieved while protecting the environment.

In the last 30-50 years, enormous natural habitats, rain forests, lakes and rivers were lost due to Africa’s mining activity and the exhaustion of natural resources. Environmental protection was not an issue people took seriously until recently.

Local residents and companies used to contribute (to a high extent) to the deforestation and soil erosion of the continent.

Mary Goretti Kitutu, Uganda’s Minister of State for the Environment visited the Ferromark-Trading Ltd.’s establishment in Hungary in May, 2017. She was introduced to the many options regarding the procession of waste produced by the iron- and steel industry. She was also familiarized with the reclamation potential of the mine spoils accumulated by mining activity.

The Hungarian company pays special attention to the environmental protection in Uganda, and thinks that it is really important to handle the mine spoils accumulated by old mines, and get rid of the toxins that might have got into the soil due to the outdated techniques these mine spoils were treated with.

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Source: www.globoport.hu

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